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-[[frontend:​start|Front-end server]]+
 ====== Logo BESS block ====== ====== Logo BESS block ======
 From site admin page. From site admin page.
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   * Home -> Administer -> Site building -> Blocks -> Add block   * Home -> Administer -> Site building -> Blocks -> Add block
     * Block body     * Block body
-<code html><​span class="​inline inline-left"><​a href="​http://​www.bess-piemonte.it"><​img src="/​sites/​default/​files/​images/​bess_logo_0.gif"​ alt="​BESS"​ title="​BESS" ​ /></​a></​span></​code>​+<code html><​span class="​inline inline-left"><​a href="​http://​www.bess-piemonte.it">​ 
 +<img src="/​sites/​default/​files/​images/​bess_logo_0.gif"​ alt="​BESS"​ title="​BESS" ​ /></​a></​span></​code>​
   * move block to left region   * move block to left region
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