Ceris-CNR project of Digital Preservation Infrastructure (DigiBess) committed by Bess (Social Science Electronic Library of Piemonte) and sponsored by Compagnia di San Paolo of Turin (Italy).

Ceris-CNR has deployed the software and server platforms of the repository, in a virtualized and redundant infrastructure and also take care of the design, development and management of the web portal (front-end) for the presentation, research and consulting data of the digitalized items.CNR role is to handle all the post-scan of the digitalization.

Some keywords: pdf/a, high resolution tiff, txt file; Dublin Core metadata; 2-node active/passive open-source cluster; High Availabilty Hypervisor using cluster storage; Fedora Commons repository; harvesting OAI-PMH; scripting for ingesting; Custom models and datastreams; Islandora; Drupal CMS; Solr - search platform from the Apache Lucene project.

The open-source community helped us to build on our project and this site is our thanks, of course at disposal of the open-source community.

Mark Leggott, Islandora Lead, blogged (here) about our DigiBESS site:“The BESS team has also done a great job of documenting their effort on a Dev Page, including a comprehensive PDF guide to their processes. Excellent work and a good indication of what can be done using open source software!”.

Branimir Kolev, the German federal archive (Bundesarchiv), about DigiBESS:“While searching the web for information about Islandora, I am glad, I found your excellent installation guide for setting up of a digital preservation infrastructure. Excellent, because it is a great knowledge-extract of all the details we need to get the system configured and running from scratch. Your paper is a real help for us and I would like to give you a Big “Thank You” for your efforts - To You and to the whole team!”.

Read the article of Melissa Manez of Islandora Team to know more about our projects: "Community Contributor Kudos: Giancarlo Birello"

DigiBESS 6.x

BASE Guide:

  • “Step by step Installation Guide of a Digital Preservation Infrastructure” (Full-text PDF)
  • “Step by step installation guide of a digital preservation infrastructure part 2” (Full-text PDF)

Next STEPs and HOWTOs:

Reference Documentation:

  • “KVM: an open-source framework for virtualization”, Rapporto Tecnico N.44, novembre 2013, Ceris-CNR (PDF)
  • “Storage in HA: cluster attivo/passivo open source.”, Rapporto Tecnico N.37, giugno 2011, Ceris-CNR (Full-text PDF)(Brief version HTML)
  • “Storage in HA: manutenzione ordinaria e straordinaria.”, Rapporto Tecnico N.41, febbraio 2012, Ceris-CNR (PDF)
  • “Repository e front-end open-source per la conservazione di opere digitali.”, Rapporto Tecnico N.39, novembre 2011, Ceris-CNR (PDF)
  • “Gestire opere digitali con cluster e applicazioni open-source in ambienti virtuali”, Conferenza GARR 2011 (Abstract) (Presentazione)

More projects:

  • “V2P2 repository.” (Site)
  • “Bioinformatics project at CNR Piedmont Research Area.” (Site)
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