HA Storage: open-source cluster active/passive

“Storage in HA: cluster attivo/passivo open source.”, G.Birello, I.Fucile, V.Giovanetti, A.Perin
Rapporto Tecnico N.37, giugno 2011, Ceris-CNR
Full-text (PDF)

Ceris-CNR IT Office manages the CNR Piedmont network infrastructure and provides network services for about 420 users. The development of a large and reliable storage system is the answer to two needs: one from users, who must deal with ever more larger digital objects for personal and research use, and one from need to have a space system engineering to store virtual machines and backup copies. To contain expenditure and without detracting from the reliability of the system, we choose to concentrate financial commitment on quality hardware and realize the whole project with open-source software, specifically the main components are: Linux, DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device), Corosync and Pacemaker.

KEY WORDS: cluster, open-source, linux, storage

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