Islandora main modules

  • Islandora
cd /var/www/
git clone git://
cd /var/www/
drush -u 1 en islandora
    • Browse admin/islandora/configure
    • Fedora base URL= !!!!! ToDO https with reverse proxy
    • Root Collection PID= islandora:root (then digibess:root)
    • Generate/parse datastream HTTP cache headers= YES
    • Make Processes Claim Objects for Modification = NO
    • Defer derivative generation during ingest = NO
    • Render applicable Content Model label(s) during ingest steps = NO
    • Show print option on objects = NO
    • Render Drupal breadcrumbs = NO
    • Use iTQL for particular queries = NO !!!!«««< Blazegraph
    • Require a file upload during ingest = YES
    • UUID PID Generation = NO
    • Browse admin/people/permissions
    • Islandora → View repository objects ⇒ ANONYMOUS USER
  • Collection Solution Pack
cd /var/www/
git clone git://
cd /var/www/
drush -u 1 en islandora_basic_collection
  • Check Solution packs required objects:
    • Browse admin/islandora/solution_pack_config/solution_packs
    • Install missing objects (i.e. Top-level Collection)
  • Configure:
    • Browse admin/islandora/solution_pack_config/basic_collection
    • Default collection objects per page = 20
    • Disable object count query in collection view = NO
    • Default collection view style. = GRID
    • Display Generation = SPARQL (then Solr)
    • Sort field for collection query = empty
    • Allow individual sort strings per-collection = YES
    • Allow Solr sort block to override collection sort = NO
    • Allow Solr result limit block to override collection limit = NO
    • Completely disable default collection display generation. = NO
    • Objects per page during collection management = 10
    • Disable deleting the collection policy = YES
    • Display object metadata = NO
Add root collection (digibess:root) to islandora:root

Edit "Root Collection PID" to digibess:root (admin/islandora/configure)

Enable "Enforce namespace restrictions" (admin/islandora/configure)
Add digibess: to PID namespaces allowed in this Drupal install 

Add Browse to Main Menu (path islandora/object/digibess:root)
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