Views common requirements

  • Libraries and Views modules
cd /var/www/site_root/
drush dl views libraries
drush -v -u 1 en views libraries
drush dl views_php
drush -u 1 en views_php
drush dl views_field_view
drush -u 1 en views_field_view
  • Islandora Solr Views
cd sites/all/modules/
git clone git://
drush -u 1 en islandora_solr_views

Due to bug for SORT CRITERIA on multiple fields:

nano -w
      // Add sorting.
      if (isset($this->orderby)) {
        module_load_include('inc', 'islandora_solr', 'includes/utilities');
        // Populate sorting parameters.
        foreach ($this->orderby as $field => $order) {
-          $params['sort'][] = islandora_solr_lesser_escape($field) . ' ' . $order;
+          $sortFields[] = islandora_solr_lesser_escape($field) . ' ' . $order;
+       $params['sort'][] = implode(",",$sortFields);
  • Slideshow modules
cd /var/www/site_root

drush dl views_slideshow

drush -u 1 en views_slideshow
drush -u 1 en views_slideshow_cycle

mv libraries/* site/all/libraries/

drush -u 1 en views_slideshow_simple_pager

drush dl views_slideshow_jcarousel

cd sites/all/libraries/
mv jcarousel-0.2.9 jcarousel

drush -u 1 en views_slideshow_jcarousel

drush dl views_slideshow_slider
drush -u 1 en views_slideshow_slider
  • BxSlider - Views Integration
cd sites/all/libraries/
mkdir bxslider
cd bxslider/
cd ../../../..

drush dl bxslider
drush -u 1 en bxslider
drush dl bxslider_views_slideshow
drush -u 1 en bxslider_views_slideshow
  • Views Accordion
drush dl views_accordion views_nested_accordion
drush -u 1 en views_accordion views_nested_accordion
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